poem: Arrival

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

“Dear Damascus Dreams,

Why are you posting so much these days? Aren’t you supposed to be like studying and learning Arabic or something over there?


A Concerned Reader.”

Dear Concerned Reader,

That’s a very good question! I’ve got the studying blues these days for some reason, which means I’m spending a lot of time daydreaming and not too much time doing any real work… but I have exams starting this Sunday, so that’ll bring me back to my senses I think 🙂 In the mean time, enjoy the frequent posting and don’t ask too many questions 😉


Here is a beautiful poem that one of my teachers mentioned in class the other day…

naseem al-waSli habba ‘ala an-nudaama
fa askarahum wa maa sharibu mudaama
wa naadaahum ‘ibaadiy laa tanaamu
yanaalu al-waSla man hajara al-manaama
yanaalu al-waSla man sahara al-layaali
‘aala al-aqdaami wa istaHlaa al-qiyaama
famaa maqSooduhum jannaatu ‘adnin
wa laa al-Hooru al-hisaanu wa laa al-khiyaama
siwaa naTHr al-Jaleeli wa dhaa munaahum
wa haadha maTlabu al-qawmil-kiraama

The gentle breeze of Arrival embraces the penitent ones
And intoxicates them, though they drank not a sip of wine.
And it calls them, ‘O my Servants, sleep not (this night…)
Arrival is for those who forsake sleeping.
Arrival is for those who stay up at night
Upon their feet, and taste sweetness in devotion.’
Their object is not the Eternal Garden,
Nor it’s pure Companions nor it’s lofty tents,
But only vision of the Sublime,
Of He who can grant their every desire;
And for this the noble aspire and yearn.

 (al-Wasl: connection to Allah (swt), arriving in His presence, full consciousness, awareness and knowledge of Him.)

May Allah make us people of Qiyaam, and people with hearts connected with Him; and people who are honored by the vision of His Noble Countenance in the hereafter, Ameen.

Pray for tawfiq in my studies,


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  1. whatever… tell concerned reader to stuff it… u never write !!! 😦 😦

  2. Salamaat,
    Dear Shazia,
    I am so happy you are writing again. The post on rain brought tears to my eyes…please do keep us posted, many of these memories, if you don’t pen them, will dissipate…i hope you are making the most of your time there.

    Take care of yourself…

  3. May Allah help all of you students in this path towards Allah ameen.

    i also appreciate the entries. Jazakullah kheyrun

    walekum as salaam

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