Al-Qahira (Cairo) in Pictures


Lamps at Masjid Sultan Hassan

The masjid is more than six hundred and fifty years old, and once housed a hospital and a school.

I love the low hanging lamps on loooooong cords… they draw your eyes heavenwards.



Sh. Ali Jumaa

The Grand Mufti of Egypt Sh. Ali Jumaa (or Gumaa, if you’re Egyptian :)) giving a talk on Tafseer at Masjid Sultan Hassan.



Sunlight through a Crafted Window

at the adjacent masjid, Masjid ar-Rifa’i.



A shop in the Khan al-Khalili Souq



Masjid in Ottoman design built by Muhammad Ali, a former ruler of Egypt.



Inside the masjid of Muhammad Ali.

A group of school-girls on a field trip listen to their teacher underneath the enormous chandelier.



Prayer in an ancient masjid.



Al-Azhar Park

A cute couple take a walk through the gorgeous park.

That’s Masjid Muhammad Ali in the distance.



The courtyard of the ancient Masjid al-Azhar.

There were hundreds of students sitting inside and reclining on its exterior walls, studying or memorizing Quran.



Outside the Maqam of Imam Shafa’ii, rahimahullah.

I love this picture because it shows a lot of the elements that make up the traditional lifestyle of cities like Cairo and Damascus: Fresh fruit sold on street corners, single-storey buildings and homes, cafes with tables and chairs right on the sidewalk, where old men drink coffee. The little girl in the blue jalabiyya is getting water from a type of fountain that’s common on many streets in ancient Muslim cities. For centuries it was a Muslim tradition for the wealthy to make awqaaf (endowments) of water fountains or spouts on the street, so that fresh, clean water could be made available for any thirsty passersby, as a type of continual charity.



The Pyramids.

A conversation I had in Cairo:

Me: You know Damascus is the oldest city in the world…

A Sis living in Cairo: Really? I think it has got to be Cairo… we have the Pyramids! The age of the Pharoahs!

Me: Well there’s a mountain in Damascus called Qasiyoun… and they say that on this mountain Cain killed Abel…

Sis: ………… Okay, you guys win.

hehe 🙂

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  1. AWEEEESOOOMMMEEE pictures shaz!! i love that crafted window one and the one’s of the ceilings, the colors and circles remind me of those beautiful multicolor cloths and shawls in pinks, purples and blues! nice pics of u guys too… hope y’all are wearing sunscreen…get some sunglasses and wear ur contacts and bring waterrrr!!!

  2. Assalaamualaikum,

    Wow you already are in Egypt. Tell Arslan to visit Sh. Syed Jibreel’s tajweed class in Al Azhar if he can. I doubt he’ll get past Al Fatihah on the first day but it’s still a fun class =0)

    Sh. Syed’s the one who gives taraweeh prayers at the MCA every Ramadan.

  3. amazing and beautiful!

  4. Somehow stumbled across your blog – jazaakillahu khayran for the interesting reads =)

  5. Salam alaikum Shaz!!!

    Loved your pics, hope the trip was fun, and fruitful:)

    Thanks for posting,


  6. I love Egypt! It has so much history subhan’Allah. An amazing place to visit for any Muslim. You know that photo of Imam Shafis maqaaam. I remember when I was there we were attacked by street beggars. Did the same thing happen to you? I was really really scared and disheartened that they were all sitting around his grave waiting for people to come….Egypt has alot of that, I thought much more compared to Syria!

  7. Assalamualaikum!

    Just came across your blog and I have to say, your photographs make me want to visit Egypt even more (inshAllah one day). Great pics and great blog, mashAllah 🙂

  8. assalamualikum,

    Wonderful pictures.


  9. Asalalamualiom wa-rahmatullah,

    my name is Muhammad Anas Ayazi i am 23 from Afghanistan, i really enjoy these pics i heard about Egypt but i never been there, Inshallah one day i will also see egypt,

    Muhammad Anas Ayazi

  10. salam
    this is your brother ahmad and im 18 and im really intrested in talking to you and asking you about your personal life. i will inshallah contact you as soon as possible but please answer back on my email. thank you

  11. I lov these pics

  12. […] Al-Qahira (Cairo) in Pictures […]

  13. alsalam alikum
    I like this blog…Thanks for these nice photo from Cairo

  14. I love this blog but I just inside in my head when come to there because I’m at the indonesia, just ALLAH. SWT my dream come true

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