the beginning of the end


as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah


dear readers,


I’m not sure if there is anyone still out there (?) considering that I haven’t posted in ages… but for all my readers over the years I hope that you are well and I want to thank you for visiting this page and reading my writing.   I pray that you have benefited from it in some small way.


I’ve left Shaam and am presently living in another part of the Muslim world as my husband and I continue on this journey of life and – insha’Allah – on the path of seeking knowledge.  May Allah accept.  I’ve for the most part stopped writing or any type of creative expression for a little more than a year and I really feel the desire to begin again, but am unsure of the means I should use.  Another blog?  An unhealthy number of posts on  An attempt at publication?  What to do with the words falling out of my mind and onto the keyboard?  Any suggestions?  Do let me know 🙂


I’m going to post a few more pieces that I’ve written from my time in Damascus, insha’Allah.   I didn’t post these earlier for various reasons, but now that I’m drawing this blog to a close I’d like to share them with you and hope that they give you a more complete picture of my time there.  There are many more experiences that colored my stay in Shaam, including some that were difficult and hurtful, but I have for the most part tried to leave those experiences behind and those words unsaid.  There were also times of beauty and spiritual awakening that are beyond the words of this mediocre writer, not to be described but only felt with the heart and soul.



May Allah (swt) grant us tawfeeq and bless us with actions adorned with ikhlaas and ihsaan and free from the desire for other than Him.


Please forgive me for any offense I may have caused through anything I’ve said, and please ask Allah the Most High to forgive me too.


wasalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah.



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  1. assalamu ‘alaykum,

    i got so excited when i saw that you had a new post. and even more excited that you are going to start writing again… my vote is for a new blog “cairo chaos”?



  2. ws,

    yes keep posting..keep this blog.. u can just add to the name…

    Damascus Dreams & Cairo Caprices

    or Find a C word!!

  3. hey this is naureen 🙂 found your blog. its so nice mash’allah. please keep blogging and this time about cairo!

    i think before moving to woulda been great to read more indepth blogs by moms living in cairo who were also seekers of knowledge.

  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    I’ve really enjoyed your blogging. My husband is from Damascus, so we visit there regularly and was interesting to read someone else’s vision of the place.

    I look forward to reading your new blog, insha Allah.

  5. Salam!

    Not only have I found this blog, I’ve found a very powerful voice behind the words on this blog. MashAllah. I’d like to say more – but I am afraid it may hurt your sincerity. Please continue writing… what I’ve read so far here, the words themselves seem like an act of worship. Allahu alam.

    I am so glad I know the words inside the individual I met in person today 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

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